Just in:  It is with deep Joy!!!, that we will not be able to fund the anti-jobs program known as the Alachua Springs Group lead by the Howard Odum, Dr. Scienceman followers.  Springs Protection has survived and is successfully bringing reform pressure on the owners of the Kanapaha Sewer facility that discharges 10 million gallons of Sewer Effluent daily into the upper Floridan Aquifer as reported by FDEP.  Along with the discharge into the drain holes that never fill up, Ocala's long love affair with land saving drainage pipes to Silver Springs water flow.  

Reportedly, years ago most sewer effluent was discharged into flowing surface water leading to Jacksonville and Yankeetown.  In the last 50 years that practice has stopped in favor of the "out of sight out of mind" underground dumping.  Civilians are not allowed to practice dumping of this nature, however some utilities have been given the green light by the EPA and FDEP.  Guarded by "Environmentalist" who protect the little known dumping secret, utilities have been free to dump for the past 20 or so years.  According to DEP records, the drainage practice started about 50 years and became popular as a cost savings to utilities in Alachua County especially about 20 years ago.  Graphs showing nitrate increases and gobs of algae show a steady increase since the practice started.  A Marion County Commissioner recently stated that "the Kanapaha dumping into our Drinking Water Aquifer was the Number One problem facing Marion County citizens today."

 2011 Water Award Editors pick:  Best Water Solutions.  TDC Visitors Choice for Clean Florida Water.


 Let the Celebration Begin!  No Growth Program is defeated! 
 HT Odum methods and science questioned by TeamConservation. Along with Dr Steve Scienceman, Emergy Systems Ecogentics seen as a EPA ploy to take over Florida with Hokum "Science".  EPA promoting HT Odum in order to keep Gainesville pollution as an invitation to take over Florida.
Senate sends budget to Governor Rick Scott with zero funding for anti growth DEP Springs Groups.
Senator Hays and Governor Scott Team up and pull funding from Storm Water and anti growth groups. 
It is with deep regret that we announce that it took years to pull the funding form the Springs Anti Growth group. 


 Protection of processed sewage discharge is now crumbling as the veil of protection surrounding "Crisis Building" by utilities.  Dep Secretary Herschel Vinland and Governor Rick Scott have targeted forces draining Florida's economy.  "Bigger Government, higher taxes, and more regulation have not worked" declared Governor Scott recently.  Springs Protection had developed a cascade of regulation aimed at controlling Economic Growth with a withering load of regulation.  The effort was dependent on an assumption that "Springs Algae" source was caused by development rather than urban Sewer Plant Effluent discharge.  DOT is also addressing the drainage well practice that has been used to create an "Algae Crisis" fromAlachua County type Storm Water Discharge.  "When we know where the high nutrient load comes from it is possible to release economic development to develop a healthy place on the Economic Action Team", said Water Expert Stephen Hunter.

All of Florida wants to protect Florida's Springs, however anti growth forces must now fund their projects rather than use State DEP and St Johns water management dollars.   

Senator Alan Hays has been our champion in stopping the harmful programs developed under 10 years of Springs Protection.


Senator Hays receives the TeamConservation Man of the Year Award, and the title of Water Czar for uncovering harm caused by the anti growth hijacking of springs protection.


Senator Hays was honored to be able to welcome Governor Scott with to the Villages Signing of the Jobs Budget that stripped the funding from the Axis of Unemployment.

Florida Springs and the Aquifer are in distress and FDEP is losing the battle with pollution.  Killing jobs and stopping development does not help the environment.

 Simple house keeping would allow Silver Springs to regain its place as a strong florida tourist attraction.

 FDEP asks for millions annually, to address a pollution level of 1.0 part per million level of Nitrate growing algae in our springs.  The problems caused by the utility discharge of Ocala and Gainesville are causing considerable political disruption in Marion County.  Anti growth groups Springs Protection Working Groups are using utility fouling of the springs to cause political change in land use codes.  The Environmental Movement on the far left is using discharge point source pollution to blame population growth and farming for springs pollution.

Federal grants from Congressman Cliff Stearns are helping the Ocala and Gainesville utilities organize politically to slow growth in Central Florida.  Political Action by the springs working groups is starting in Alachua, entering Marion County via contracts by FDEP, Federal Grants, and St Johns Water District and returning to Gainesville to politically support the Democratic majority.  The recent close Mayoral race was actually decided by Springs Working Group margin of influence.  We calculate that every political race in Central Florida is impacted by 1000 votes because of FDEP, Water District and DCA political influence.


If we had a standard for nitrate discharge, all polluters would be treated fairly, and the same.  

Today, Utilities and State owned attractions can discharge any level of nitrate depending on the opinion of the regulator, and the relationship with the polluter. 

The current standard is called TDML, or Total Daily Maximum load of pollution.  A "Maximum Load" is what ever the regulator feels is appropriate.

Government Utilities receive special treatment from governmental regulators.  The rest of us receive a "Federal Case" for the most trivial situation.

Now the Feds are requiring a written standard for all polluters.  All citizens will be treated the same.  High loads of Nitrate will not be allowed by a city or county owned utility in order to save money. 

 Currently, Florida has no set standards for pollution, and that causes us to live in fear of the FDEP, or Water District Regulators.

Examples include Silver Springs Attraction where tons of sewage from the Ross Allen Zoo is liquified and discharged into the lagoon feeding our threatened Silver Springs.

Just up stream and down stream Millions of Gallons of sewer effluent of sewer effluent at hundreds of times the 1.0 parts per million level are discharged daily into the waters feeding the springs.

Kanapaha Sewer plant to the north discharges 6 million gallons daily into the aquifer, while to the south utilities in the Wekiva Springs area discharge 50 million gallons daily underground.


We can no longer live under judgments of our regulators.  We have polluted springs because FDEP regulators  have no standards for the nitrate pollution affecting our springs.  FDEP (Florida Department of Environmental Protection) can not fairly protect the environment without a standard.  1.0 nitrogen causes current springs degridation, while nearby utilities hopefully only discharge 10.0 parts per million Nitrogen.

Subjective standards have never worked 

Society tried subjective standards in the past.  Government without a standard can give special treatment if they like you and come down hard on you if they don't like you.

Before we had a standard of .08 blood Alcohol level, it was up to the operator and regulators to decide if a driver was impaired.  

Civil rights must be standardized so we are all treated the same by government.

Utilities are very close and friendly with FDEP regulators, and so they are treated with special rights to discharge pollutants.  

No standards mean enforcers will treat some better than others, and protection suffers.

Everyone has a story of Environmental Authorities making a big deal of the smallest issue for individuals and businesses, while we all know about government run programs like Public Utilities that get a free pass.

Laws regulating the discharging pollutants into Sink Holes, or into the aquifer should be based on set standards and not "buddy, buddy relationships".


Ocala Florida mixes StormSewer with Drinking Water Aquifer.

Water Czar, Don Browning, to ask Marion Legislative Delegation to better understand utility sewer discharges into Silver Springs and Rainbow Springs.

Drinking Water Quality Nitrogen loads of 10 PPM, are killing our Aquifer and Springs. Just 1 part per million nitrogen is causing serious harm to Silver Springs. Ask any official you know to help Alachua's Kanapaha sewer plant officials from discharging processed sewer waste in the aquifer at 10 parts per million nitrogen. Humans tolerate Nitrogen, Clear Springs in Florida Sun Light bloom algae at 1 PPM.

Silver Springs Champion Senator Steve Oelrich investigates WATER Harvesting as a top priority for solving Florida's Aquifer Problems.

Common Sense is the key when addressing most problems.  Lets look at the biggest polluters first.  Polluters dumping over a ton of total nitrogen into our water supply seem to be a worthwhile target.


Gainesville's Kanapaha Sewer Plant can do the most to stop nitrate discharge BMP's, by gross volume reports the Springs Protection Working Group . Com Executive Director Don Browning.  The key is two fold, first we must take environmental issues from the political left.  All Floridians want to protect their environment.  

It is the radical left that works to keep the pollution going as a way to have a viable no growth cause.  We want to clean up the Utility Discharge in order to put all the Environmentalist out of work.  Most folks at UF have no idea that the Springs pollution is coming from the University of Florida sewage via the Kanapaha plant.  Clean springs and a vibrant economy is our goal.

University of Florida is a leader in creating environmental solutions and the famous Gainesville Sewer Processing Plant is in the UF drainage plane.  Flush a toilet at the University and the waste will finally find its way into the Floridan Aquifer, under current conditions.  UF Professors are addressing BMP's to end pollution as we know it.  Bad Managements Practices halted in their tracks are the best way to stop Springs Pollution. 

Alachua County Springs are the first to suffer.  Local pollution alerts send an urgent message to all concerned citizens to clean up the daily discharges now.  1.5 parts per million is a level we must never cross in our springs states Don Browning.  Authorities are doing all they can to stop, and filter the 6 million gallons of nutrient rich sewer effluent from reaching springs near the University of Florida.  How bad is 10 parts per million of nitrate if it reaches our Springs?  10 parts per million is hundreds of times more total nitrogen than is current raising the alarm.


Drinking Water Standards are loaded with Nitrates.  Nitrates are good for humans but death to springs.

When Sun Light hits nitrates in clear springs water, All Life Breaks Lose in the Algae Community! 

Drinking water standards allow the 10 parts per million for nitrogen because nitrogen is good for us and not really a problem for humans.  The big problem is only 1.4 parts per million will cause an unacceptable algae bloom in our springs.  Bad Management Practices by Sewer Plant officials must be corrected, because if less than 2 parts per million is a problem killing our springs, how will we ever live with 10 parts per million going into our treasured natural springs.


Environmentalist are asking DEP and FWC to help the situation directly.  Following the legislature's call for a springs initiative, DEP and FWC chose to allow private citizens to become spokesmen and scientist on the subject of Springs Protection.   New Management Groups of private citizens are coming to FWC and FDEP's aid.  Helping to educate the Utility Officials is FDEP's most urgent task.  Tax Payer Action Groups are getting into the Springs Protection Action.  Study after study has missed the target.

We now know where the nitrates are coming from, it is our duty to help officials to stop the old bad management practices. (BMP's) 

Marion County Citizens are concerned that the big  Alachua utilities will never be targeted by the Alachua spokesmen hired by the State as FDEP Silver Springs and Rainbow Springs Working Group Spokesmen.  

We are winning, declares Springs Working Group.Com Site Director Don Browning.  Effluent discharge into SweetWater Creek feeding the aquifer through the Alachua Sink Hole is now coming to the attention of University of Florida professors who can have a dramatic impact on the BMP's.  Browning estimates that within 14 months of redirecting the Kanapaha Sewer Effluent away from the Aquifer, the algae blooms will begin to recover for good.  EPA has stated that the management practice of disposing of valuable irrigation waste water is a thing of the past.  Harvesting valuable water for irrigation will begin with the first pipe laid in the direction of agriculture irrigation fields.  Nutrient rich sewer effluent is a great revenue stream opportunity states Browning.  Senator Oelrich and several other Legislative Leaders are becoming interested in the Privately Funded Marion County Silver Springs Working Group . Com Group's ideas. 


January 6th, 2010 is the next Springs Protection Meeting.  Call 352 233 7990 for details.  

Silver Springs and Rainbow Springs Working Groups are now formed under Silver Springs Working Group . Com and Rainbow Springs Working Group . Com

Formed under private funding the working groups are asking Alachua County to correcy old BMP's.  Bad Management Practices are beginning to change for the better.  DEP is struggling to fix Utility Discharge Problems.  Marion County Environmentalist are asking the Alachua experts to help reform the old Utility Problems that are harming Silver and Rainbow Springs to the south.  Alachua County Springs are also being impacted by the daily nitrate discharge.

Steps to help our Aquifer and Springs.

1. Reduce Discharge of Sewer Effluent into the Drinking Water Aquifer just up stream Marion County.  Every reduction will help.

2. Reduce Storm Sewer and Sanitary Sewer Effluent discharge into Sweet Water Creek and finally into the Sink Hole known as the Alachua Sink.  We are looking into funding to help Alachua reform these old practices.  Because Gainesville has grown in recent years, old practices are now producing too much Nitrate Volume.

Economic impacts will likely force an end of these point source pollution locations.  Water is becoming too valuable to discard into the aquifer.  Marion County Commissioner Stan McClain is asking for changes that will help our aquifer, springs, and the EDC goals of both Alachua and Marion Counties.

Central Florida Counties and Cities look for ways to discard excess Sewer Effluent in less harmful ways.  While most locals are looking for water sources Ocala and Gainesville have excess high nutrient water.  Discharge into the Drinking Water Aquifer is becoming less appropriate as the cost of cleaning up the Aquifer rises.

Tainted Sewer and Storm Water has for decades been discharged into underground springs to exit at Rainbow and Silver Springs with little effect.  Springs Protection efforts have uncovered 28  drainage points that the City of Ocala has used for years to drain away Billions of Gallons of rainwater.   Now, even Ocala is looking for ways to conserver water and stop the old polluting practices. 

Recent request to drill deeper into the Floridan Aquifer will likely be denied by the St Johns District Staff.  When a Ocala Utilities is looking into using their Sewer Effluent to distribute to irrigation uses as a way to save water and stop contamination of the Drinking Water Aquifer.

Most Conservationist have embraced Rain Water HarvestingOcala does a great job collecting rainwater, then the city unbelievably discards the Storm Sewer Resource into Sink Holes and Drainage Wells.  Yes, too much water has become a problem.  The good news is that the solution at hand will cost little." Stop throwing away valuable rain water harvest", is what we are hearing from Utility Customers concerned about rising water rates.

 Step Two in Water Conservation for the Utility Officials to sell the Million Gallons of Nutrient Rich Sewer Effluent that the city currently gives away free or discharges into the drinking water aquifer.  For use on the Irrigation Market nutrient rich water can be a treasure.  Ocala and the City of Gainesville are trying to end the BMP's of the past.  

Alachua doesn't want to be know as a major source of Springs Pollution because of the pressurized pumping of over 6 million gallons of Sewer Effluent into the Aquifer.  So much water is forced into the Aquifer that a phenomenon known as "Mounding"  is causing pollution to enter the Floridan Aquifer.  Once pollution is in the Aquifer, it is anyone's guess, where the pollutants will go.  Private wells near Kanapaha Drainage Pipe have become reportedly unusable. Utility officials state that the water is treated to drinking water standards yet most citizens are not buying their drinking water from the sewer facility. 

Legislators who spend Millions Annually, to protect Springs and The Aquifer are beginning to question why we would allow valuable waste water to be dumped into clean drinking water.  The very act of spending money to discard valuable water must be rethought.  Marion County Commissioner Stan McClain is a vocal leader to end some of the old bad management practices.  Silver Springs Protection . Com is dedicated to Gainesville Utilities using their sewer effluent to conserve our drinking water rather than polluting our water.

Attorney General Bill McCollum is asked to help end Storm Sewer Dumping into the Drinking Water Aquifer under Ocala, just up stream from Silver Springs.  Springs algae is getting out of control in some parts of the famous attraction. 


Current reports of The Attraction who leases the Springs from the Dept of Environmental Protection dumping raw liquified sewerage into the waters leading to the Springs and Silver River were uncovered by Barbara Bess.  She recently reported the dumping at a meeting where Don Browning presented Photographic evidence of the dumping.  City utilities official Bruce Philips explained how the City of Ocala is currently trying to reduce the Storm Sewer dumping into the Drinking Water Aquifer.  DEP coordinator Fay Baird held the meeting as her last just before resigning from the State Sponsored Springs Protecton.  Now the Private Silver Springs Protectionhas taken over without using any state funding.


Learn more about Utility discharge into Silver Springs and The Drinking Water Aquifer under Central Florida.

Ocala City Utilities and Marion County Storm Water Authorities are asked to stop piping Storm Sewer Runoff into Drinking Water Aquifer.  Even "Pet Poop" and Street runoff is sent to mix with the Drinking Water Aquifer.  Filtering after drinking water is contaminated will break the Bank!  Citizens already saddled with water rate increases will face hugh increases when Storm Sewer Runoff must be filtered out of drinking water.  DEP and County Stormwater Authorities asleep at the switch.

Ocala Water Customers will have to pay higher rates, when drinking water is mixed with dumped Storm Sewer Runoff piped to The Drinking Water Aquifer

Springs Protection Theory, Presuppositions and Foundations are questioned in light of new evidence showing that the Authorities hired to protect Silver Springs are actually involved in high tonnage dumping of the harmful nitrates causing dreaded Algae Growth.

Ocala and Marion County Utility Rates will increase when Storm Sewer Runoff is directed into sink holes and the Drinking Water Aquifer.

We now know where the City of Ocala and Marion County are sending their Storm Sewer Runoff. Silver Springs and Silver River!

USGS Geological Survey Aquifer Basics. Click here to see Principal Aquifer Basics

Dumping Storm Sewer is a BAD MANAGEMENT PRACTICE

Like a fireman starting fires to justify more Fire Department Funding, Authorities are dumping and allowing Dumping of Algae Growing Nitrates into Sink Holes resulting in more pollution, and new springs protection funding for themselves.  These same authorities then claim the Springs are Threatened with Algae Growth, and file for funding to protect the springs from themselves.

The Land Lord of the Silver Springs Attraction has allowed dumping of oil laden storm sewer runoff to go directly into the Silver Springs and River for many years.  The same land lord allows the liquefaction of a large volume of Sewer Waste to be dumped into water surrounding Silver Springs. Charged with protecting the springs for the people of Florida, DEP has allowed pollution on the property for many years, all the while heading up the Springs Protection Initiative for the Legislature and the people of Florida.


  Inaction by State, City and County authorities is not an option that is acceptable to citizens of Marion County, and it is not an option that is acceptable to many legislators.

We essentially need a huge new historic recovery plan to stop the polluters.  We can not continue with the cover up dumping that allows pollution to continue and to actually grow greater.  Natural or Man Made Sink Holes have been added to the bottom of nearly all Drainage Systems causing massive Algae Growth in Silver Springs.  Environmental Artist, Don Browning said; " if you look at nearly every springs or shore line around the state you will find a link to Storm Sewer nitrate dumping."  It is not acceptable to me, and certainly not acceptable to the citizens of Florida to cause pollution and then benefit financially from the pollution.

Storm Water Solutions. Click here for Fix StormWater


Understand the source of Clean Clear Water traveling to Silver Springs. USGS

Legislators have a new choice that doesn't require Tax Funding.
We aim to protect the springs without disrupting the Economy.  Home building when done correctly is the core of our Civilization.  Don't protest homes as sprawl without remembering that you also live in a home.  Your home was very likely built by a "Home Builder".
Instead look to the authorities that you have trusted to do the correct thing with City Storm Sewer Runoff.  You and I would be arrested if we put a pipe of polluted runoff into a sink hole, or dug a sink to insert our 22" pipe into in order to drain away our Storm Sewer Runoff.
New Drainage into Sink Holes are coming to light almost daily.  We are currently investigating some very BAD MANAGEMENT PRACTICES, by our DOT and Ocala Athorities.
More Later...............  For now we will clean up and plug the 28 dump sites.  If public Safety pop off pipes are needed, we will ask the Trustees to permit them.  That way we will have oversight of the operations.
We now have targeted the biggest pollutor imaginable.  28 Big Pipes are draining very damaging pollutants into the Ground Water below the City of Ocala.
We are very close to stopping this practice that has been going on for many years.  As Ocala has grown and paving, traffic and building has increased, so has the nitrate pollution to Silver Springs.  Authorities sometime forget to tell the citizens where they send the runoff from the City of Ocala.

Watch for Public Policy Institute of Marion County . Com

 Marion County Public Policy Think Tank is considering forming a committee to study the possible need to recommend a needed change to the City of Ocala Charter.

We will also make a recommendation as to the need for the City of Ocala and Central Florida Community College to form a study committee to study Marion County form of Government.   Perhaps if the City of Ocala should be studied by the Ocala Committee and the Marion County Government should be studied by the Marion County Public Policy Institute Think Tank.